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Hey there! Here on this blog, I plan to provide translations of the obscure "Pocket Monsters: The Animation" novels, written by Takeshi Shudo, head writer of the original Pokémon TV series. Updates may likely be infrequent as I'll post them "whenever they're ready" and this is a side project to my current major translation project. Anyway, I hope you please enjoy these novels and feel free to provide feedback in the comments sections.

Volume 1: Departure )

Volume 2: Friends )
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So, another game series I love on Nintendo handhelds other than Pokémon is Ace Attorney. And recently, an Ace Attorney novel, Turnabout Idol was released in Japan. Because translating one novel (and a visual novel) isn't enough, I've naturally decided to add another project to things I'm working on! The Ace Attorney novel has much simpler prose than Pocket Monsters: The Animation and is filled with furigana, which these books... don't have much of. So it's a much easier read and requires less effort. So if I seem to make more progress on that book quicker than I do this one, that's why. Turnabout Idol can be read here.

TL;DR, I'm translating another book. It shouldn't impact too much on what I'm doing with these books. Go read it if you like. [community profile] aceattorneythenovel


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