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Pocket Monsters: The Animation - Table of Contents

Hey there! Here on this blog, I plan to provide translations of the obscure "Pocket Monsters: The Animation" novels, written by Takeshi Shudo, head writer of the original Pokémon TV series. Updates may likely be infrequent as I'll post them "whenever they're ready" and this is a side project to my current major translation project. Anyway, I hope you please enjoy these novels and feel free to provide feedback in the comments sections.

Pocket Monsters: The Animation
Volume 1: Departure

Writer: Takeshi Shudo

A resident of Kanagawa prefecture. Despite being a terrible writer made his screenwriting debut at the age of 19. Has done various work since. Eventually worked on anime, novels, plays, etc. Notable works include “Warring States Demon GoShogun” and “Magical Princess Minky Momo” among others. Further details may be divulged at a later opportunity.

Illustrator: Sayuri Ichiishi
From Kanagawa prefecture. Character designer and lead animation director on anime including “Pocket Monsters” and “Wedding Peach DX”. She's a water loving animator whose hobbies include body boarding. Works for OLM, inc.

Japanese Terminology
Chapter 1: Departure in Pajamas
Chapter 2: An Electrifying Meeting With Pikachu...
Chapter 3: Onisuzume on the Day of Departure
Chapter 4: Nyarth Attack
Chapter 5: Getting Through the Forest...
Chapter 6: Butterfree Soars! (Pending)

English Terminology
Chapter 1: Departure in Pajamas
Chapter 2: An Electrifying Meeting With Pikachu...
Chapter 3: Spearow on the Day of Departure
Chapter 4: Meowth Attack
Chapter 5: Getting Through the Forest...
Chapter 6: Butterfree Soars! (Pending)

Thank you

[personal profile] ash111 2016-03-14 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, nice to meet you my name is Matteo =) I found this site some weeks ago and I can't believe that finally someone is translating the novels, thanks a lot for your work! Are you going to continue the translation of the novels? I really hope so! xD

Re: Thank you

[personal profile] ash111 2016-03-15 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, did you meet Rica? That's wonderful! *-* I'm an huge fan of her, I wish I will be able to meet her too someday xD Anyway congratulations for your life changes! Don't worry and take your time for the translation of the novels! =)
I would like to ask you something else, i'm a member of the staff of an italian site called "satoshipedia", it is all about Ash and contains some information about the novels too (thanks to your work we will update it soon with new information); we put many efforts on it and the main goal of the site is to spread true and verified information about Ash and the Pokémon anime, to disprove most of the rumors and insults concerning him, as the one of his age.
We have also created an english version of the site but, during a conversation with the founder, we thought that it could be a good idea to create also a japanese version of it. The fact is that actually we don't know anyone who is able to translate into japanese and we were searching someone. I was wondering if you could be interested in becoming a member of the staff and help us by translating the articles in japanese. We are not in a rush so don't worry if you don't have too much time to spend on it at the moment, for now it would be great to just find someone who can do that. If you are interested feel free to ask anything, and if you want i can give you a contact with the founder of the site, so you can have a chat with her, she is a really nice person =) thanks for your time and sorry if I made some mistakes in this message, i'm still improving my english xD
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[personal profile] lolo_pokemon_57 2016-06-07 03:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey ! I found this because of Satoshipedia and I'm so glad that someone decide who translate the novel of Pokemon ! You are the savior !! *^*

Thank you so much for your hardwork ! Keep it up for the next !

Also, I want to ask if you're okay with that, after all chapters are translate, can my friend translate the novel from english to french, please ?